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two books

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i have managed to read two books.  i suppose technically three.  but two of them count as one in my mind.

first, i read i, lucifer by glen duncan.  the premise of getting lucifer's side of the story is a good one.  perspective being key to a good book, especially when it comes to a character we already know, this book gives you a new plot to the devil.  although i was a bit disappointed at times with the prose, since the dark lord himself seems to ramble and digress quite frequently (i can't relate), the character study is pretty good.  he is, afterall, the devil.

the second book, and third, that i read is/are: alice and wonderland and through the looking glass.  i grant you that both of these were quite an easy read since the intended audience is children.  i was quite please with both books since i love every movie that has ever been made.  i thought it fascinating that since this is a popular tv/movie story that elements of both books are incorporated in every version.  the stories are a bit absurd and quite surreal at moments due to the "dream sequence" aspect but still a very lovely story. 

i just read...

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a dirty job
i just read a dirty job by christopher moore.  now, this book is definitely not going to appeal to you unless you have a bit of a macabre sense of humor since the premise is about a single dad becoming "death". 

the book makes some very funny jokes and overall, has quite the decent plot.  a lot of it is totally tongue in cheek.  the stereotypes of people gets a little tiring in the book here and there and is quite annoying at moments since it seems to be more of a deus ex machina when he has nothing else.

other than that, it was worth turning the pages.  i haven't decided if i am going to pick anything else of his up.  if i do, it will definitely be the stupidest angel.  anyone read that?


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one of the things i love is a good zombie thriller.  one of the other things i love is a good comic book.  and my third love is the internet.  imagine what would happen if you joined all three of them into one thing... yep... you guessed it... JOYGASM.

i present to you: kristy versus the zombie army!

recently read

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i recently read the following books:

-winkie: this one was good.  a bit sentimental at times since the teddy bear is essentially arrested for terrorism.  there were moments that weren't believable (and i mean that in the literary sense, that it didn't fit within the realm of the story or seem to work with the characters).  but overall, if you are still attached to the velveteen rabbit, then this is the adult version of that.

-good omens: this one was a lender.  as in, someone lent me the book and i seriously contemplated not giving it back and claiming to have never been lent the book in the first place.  what is not to love about a book that lays out armageddon gone wrong.

-stardust: one of the same authors from good omens.  this definitely fits into that adult fantasy/fairy tale and i loved every minute of it.  it is not as tongue in cheek as the princess bride but it has that fantastic feel to it that i love.  it was romantic in the sweet.  and yes there is a movie, but this is worth it.


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i have recently been looking and reading all of my favorite blogs through google reader. this is a new thing for me and keeps me from typing all the addresses in from memory. amazingly, i could do it quite efficiently, but this annoyed my uber-efficient german husband since a better way exists.

one of the things that i love reading is spoilers. for me, the art of a tv show (i only read spoilers for tv shows) is not in its ability to surprise me, but in its clever way of getting to a twist within the plot. it is the dialogue, it is the character development, etc. this may explain why i like pushing daisies so much, since it has a narrator.

i bet you are wondering what my first paragraph has to do with my second, aren't you?

well, today, the two converged and made me giggle in fits:

for your reading pleasure

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Img_2896_2the painting is done and the bookshelves are in and have books on them.  the library is almost done.  almost.

we are having a bit of a desk snafu.  i created the snafu by ordering the desk.  i ordered one without actually thinking about how big the desk is.  and now, we are waiting on its replacement.  soon, it will be fixed.

i do have the mobile almost done and we just need a few more things and the room will be complete.  namely, i need more books.  we have lots, but i still want more.  why do i always want more books?

now, if only...

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Img_2771so the bookshelves have finally been ordered along with a desk to go in the library.  this creates, at least in my head, the house that jack built...

we can paint the walls.  we can put the bookshelves in front of the painted walls.  we can unpack the boxes of books to put on the bookshelves in front of the painted walls... and so on.

i am very excited about this because it means that i will finally have access to some books i am not sure i have seen in ages.  not to mention the books in the den will be moved out and find a permanent home in... the library.  yes.  i will soon have a library.  now we just have to paint the walls...

t needed to purchase a book for school (he is going back!!! to work on being a principal!!! which is, like, the bestest job ever for him!!!).  this morning we got up early, had breakfast and went to the bookstore.  to the bookstore.  where i found a thousand books that i have always wanted to read and never have.

i have this internal dialogue in bookstores that goes like this:

me:  have you read that?

me:  no.  but i have always wanted to.

me:  didn't so-and-so read that and love it?

me: yes.  i've always wanted to read that.

that dialogue continues on like that for every book.  i want you to know, i walked out of the bookstore, without having purchased a single book.  not a one.  nada.  nothing.  i am that good sometimes...

"When Shot said 'rabies,' I thought he'd said 'babies.'  The results came back negative, thank God, but I think I asked for the wrong test."

--Echo Lawrence from Rant by Chuck Palahniuk

i have had a very busy weekend.  i think i may, just may actually be motivated to get my work done and drive through that to-do list.  hopefully, i don't get distracted.  knowing me, the snooze-alarm is only the first distraction...

i read books

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Img_0063imagine how old fashioned i am.  i read books.  the kind that are written on paper and bound.  wow.  i know that, like, totally dates me to being really old.  but, you know.

so.  i just finished reading a book listed to the side there.  the kite runner.  i must say it was a good read.  one i hadn't had in a while.  and i think he will get better the more he writes.

to be quite honest, it is a bit predictable.  not in a bad way, but sometimes, sometimes i don't want to see it coming.  and i take it as the sign of a good writer if a book captivates me and surprises me.  so i warn you.  while you are reading this book,  follow your instincts.  they won't lead you astray.

my only other problem with this book is one that many writers use for convenience: they set up these unlikely scenes to progress the story.  there are several moments in the book that i completely find unlikely and improbable.  things that are out of character and this bothers me.  the prose is still compelling and the story is still good, it is worth the read but i have to say that i was annoyed by it.

go out and buy a book.  kill a tree.  check it out at the library.  download an mp3 form.  buy the audio.  let me know what you think.

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